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Simulated Space Missions for Private Camps
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Give your campers a field trip
they will remember forever!

Let them experience a voyage to the Moon,
to Mars, or to a Comet this summer!

From the moment your campers walk into our center, they'll think they have just entered a state-of-the-art NASA space exploration facility. Surrounded by computer consoles, communication headsets, robotic arms, and video monitors, with emergency sounds and flashing lights, your campers will be transformed into scientists, engineers, researchers, and astronauts! Your campers will become immersed in a realistic Mission Control and Spacecraft environment performing hands-on activities at various science stations. Just like real astronauts your campers will be assigned to perform mission jobs such as Navigation, Medical, Communication, and Life Support. As space adventurers, they will conduct research, perform scientific tasks, build and deploy a probe, and learn the importance of working together to achieve a common goal. The tasks they perform are detailed enough to feel real and challenging, yet simple enough for kids to do. We can give your campers an "out-of-this-world" educational experience that is exciting, challenging, and most of all fun.

Call for more information and pricing at 845-357-3416.

The mission...to learn, to explore, to inspire...continues.
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