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Spaceport Gift Shop
A visit to our Challenger Center
wouldn't be complete without a stop at our gift shop!
*Gift Shop Prices are subject to change.
Gift Shop List
We have provided a partial list of items we offer in our center's store. If your class plans to use our gift shop, this gift shop list can be viewed prior to your visit to help your students make their selections quickly while they are at our center.

Gift Shop Request Form
For your convenience and to save time during your visit, we have also provided a gift shop request form. Please complete the form and fax to us one week prior to your scheduled mission date, and we can arrange to have the items ready for you and your students the day of your mission. Our fax number is 845-369-3523.

On A Budget
For teachers on a budget, we have pencils for 30¢ each. We also offer teachers a 20% discount if you buy in bulk for your class.
Just fax the Gift Shop Request Form and indicate the number of pencils you require.
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